Onward and Upward…

ven the finest actors have to market themselves but lucky for most of the A and B list actors they are financially able to afford Publicity Agents to help them stay present to the mass media quite frequently. If you’re like me, I am guessing you don’t have a PR person that can help maintain the ongoing profile updates you need to make every day.  You must do this yourself in order to stay on top of your game and be in the public eye. Unlike having typical professions where you go to work every day and collect a monthly paycheck we must sell ourselves to the public regularly. It is a mind boggling time commitment but rest assured if you keep at it the rewards will pay off handsomely.

One of my daily routines is to invest, that’s right, invest, one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening posting my accomplishments, whereabouts, education, success and experiences on Facebook, Twitter, my website (www.davidmmcnulty.com), and my IMDB pages. This enables me to let everyone that may remotely be interested in the product I am selling (me), know that I am a serious performer and artist. It is an arduous task but once you have routine you can filter through several posts to discover ones that are important to your career and ones you can let go. In addition, you will begin to rapidly post information about your own progress. Be succinct and accurate. Post your latest demo reels, production stills, auditions, and any other items that can show your “friends” what you are up to. Here is a good article about why Twitter may be a good avenue to social networking.


Since the inception of Social Networking millions upon millions have jumped on this networking bandwagon. There is not a lot of other opportunity to get so much information to so many in a split second. The only problem I see now is how to filter that information so you only get what you want rather than everything. Going into a candy store when you have a sweet tooth or a grocery store when your hungry opens ups hours of indecisiveness. This has perplexed me, too, as I sift through the 1000 or more people that post information on my wall very moment of the day. They key is to examine your goals carefully and concentrate on those things that pertain to you.

I have been blessed with courage and tenacity and will continue to work like crazy to grow my acting career. It is my goal as I’m sure it is yours to make a living selling my talent to the public and with a little luck I can achieve that goal. Nothing and no one lasts forever. If you stop working on yourself, you will slowly fade away.

Continued success to all of you. I hope to see you on the Red Carpet!

My First Out of State Film Project, “The Best Of Betty”

As an actor we all must find ways to seek out work. There are many casting call websites on the internet but very few of them are actually legitimate. My next blog will be about which ones work, which ones don’t, and how to get the right information to save you a lot of money before you get caught up in the moment. But for now I’m here to discuss how I landed this project.

My favorite casting notice websites are Actors Access, Casting Networks and Mandy. Most casting directors and filmmakers I have spoken to have given me the sites they use often. I decided to go Mandy.com and I surfed around until I found a casting notice appropriate for me. I fell upon a casting notice by a group of college students listing parts for their film, “The Best Of Betty“. I found two possible roles that were right for me so I submitted my H & R to the director, Kristin Raimondi. I informed her that I was a union actor and if that was acceptable then I would create my own video audition and upload it to her. She agreed so I proceeded to do just that. A few days later I was cast in their film and they offered to fly me to Columbus Ohio and put me up for the night. We shot 2 scenes in 2 days and I flew back to Chicago.

First off I would like to say that I was greeted and treated like a true professional. The entire crew was extremely respectful and fun to work with. I have worked on dozens of student films over the past 2 years and I am excited to day that this was one of the best experiences I have had doing these types of projects. As a bonus, the sound studio for voice over was top notch, the camera equipment was the best, DP Jeff Kolada has an amazing eye for detail, and I am going to receive copy in 2 months where some other college projects I shot 12 months ago and I still haven’t received my promised DVD copy of my work.

Below is a blog that they keep for their website. I copied and pasted it here for your review and entertainment. If you want to learn more about their production company take a look at this film they shot last year. It is absolutely brilliant.  It’s appropriately called “The Schartz-Metterklume Method”. Enjoy.

Written by DOP Jeff Kolada. Photos by Jeff Kolada and various crew members.

Our second weekend started back in the MI community in Gahanna, OH. We shot all the scenes with Niobe (Claudia Esposito) and her husband Fed Up (David McNulty). The two played really well off each other and we got some really great scenes. It was nice and sunny outside and that helped with quite a bit of the lighting as our houses have TONS of windows. I played with the natural light and added small touches here and there with the help of my gaffer Ben Purse and the grip crew.

David, Claudia, and the crew prep for a kitchen table shot

In one scene with Niobe, we needed a close-up shot of cooking eggs and bacon. Unfortunately because we do not own the homes, we had to bring in a cooking range, and it was not functioning. So we had to figure out a different way to heat up the pan. We didn’t have any hot plates or sterno, or anything of that sort. But we did have some very powerful (and hot) production lights. We moved one of our 2000w lights into the kitchen, aimed it straight up, and Emily sat the pan on the light for a few minutes. Now we are not the first people to do this. I’m pretty sure I remember during the production of the feature film Trailerpark for a previous 419 class, our gaffer Hank cooked breakfast on one of the production lights in a similar fashion. I don’t have any BTS (behind the scenes) photos of this undertaking but expect some footage of it when BTS video comes out.

“What is my motivation….”

It’s funny how when we get on set we begin to explore choices for our characters only to realize that we begin to freak out at the last minute when the director calls, “and ACTION”. Well, you’re not alone. I have often explored the many character choices prior to beginning a scene and have discovered that my choices affect me differently every time. This means that one minute I am crying my eyes out over the feeling of being abandoned and the next minute I am clamoring at courage to not let it show or get me down. So which way do I go? What does the director want? Do I look authentic? Am I fulfilling the obligation of the material?! Arghh!

Plainly put the answer is yes and no and yes again. OK. I know that sounds crazy but my point is that experiencing real life in any given moment on stage, before an audience, a movie camera, a still camera, or a voice over studio is what we are after. There is no right or wrong. There only is what is at the moment. I have prepared character scenes with an obligation of the material fulfilled only to be driven in a completely different direction from the other character, the on set animals, or the environment. Let’s say I am in a church playing a priest and I am preforming a eulogy for a tragic death.  Let’s also say my obligation is express mourning and be solemn in my delivery. All of a sudden, in the pews, a child starts laughing hysterically. Now what? Do I ignore the laughter of the child? Do I keep reading along as if I am in emotional pain?  After years of practice I am going to share the right answer with you that really was quite simple to figure out from the very beginning. TRUST YOUR REAL INSTINCTS! That’s right. I said it. Go with the flow and MAKE IT YOUR OWN! It may be completely wrong for what was originally intended for the scene or the director’s concept of the moment but what if it isn’t? What if the director decides he likes the spontaneity of the moment when watching the dailies and puts it into the film? It could mean the difference between working forever of cutting your career short. Sound morbid? The fact is that acting is not as easy as it looks but when you ALLOW yourself to be yourself you begin to channel that energy into the scene naturally. Let’s dig deeper.

So many movies are created every day. Hundreds in fact. Tons of film careers end short. Some because of bad films and some because of poor choices on the actors part. One thing you cannot argue is the fact that the reality of the moment is what people buy into. Your audience wants to “feel” you pain. joy, sorrow, fear, love, and laughter. If you “fake” it they tune you out almost instantaneously. So why ignore the stimulus of the moment? Why fight the truth? If you were talking to your lover in your bed and a dog started barking or a baby started crying in the background would you ignore it? How would you react? Go with your gut instinct and ALLOW the moment to affect you from a real place. You also will start to bridge the gap between what is real and what is on the script. Don’t you deserve that after years of practice and study? Doesn’t your audience?

There are hundreds of trainers, classes, and schools that will help you practice your craft and explore an obligation, choice, and choice approach. In order to free yourself you must also free your instrument; your mind, body, voice, and soul. There are very few coaches out there that know how to do that. The best one I know is Eric Morris. You can audit his teaching free in Los Angeles. I am sure there are others and I have not explored them all but Eric is the one I have had the ultimate success with. http://www.ericmorris.com/homepage.html


Craft Jamboree in Lake Arrowhead – June 2010

In 1985 I began studying the craft with Eric. He has created and developed techniques that help the actor free their instrument so they can really get in touch with the viscera of their inner selves. To this day I prepare, use, and fulfill the obligations of the material and am able to adjust my choices instantly on set or on stage based on the principles I have learned from Eric’s teachings. He has written several books on the craft based on principals of “The Method”. http://www.ericmorris.com/books.html

In the end we all want to express our acting talent to the world. The real joy does not come from the glitz and glamor of Hollywood. It’s finding the connection between our real selves and expressing that through the written material. That is when I know I have won the battle between Acting and Being. Eric always said to me and I quote, “Desert you craft for a day, it will desert you for three.”

Continued success to you all.

Getting fired up!

When it rains it pours!

Up to the end of 2010 I began to wonder why more work wasn’t being published for opportunity. I then learned that the holidays are traditionally slower for the entertainment industry as a whole. When January started I thought someone opened up the internet floodgates again because within 1 week I received 50-100 casting notices that were right for my type! So I did what any other intelligent business performer would do, I submitted my headshots and resumes immediately. Did you?

I have been cast in 3 films and signed on with a new agent in the past 2 weeks. I am also being considered for a commercial in Paris. (My competition will not sign the first right of refusal so that leaves me. OK, so second best never hurt anyone). I have scheduled 3 more auditions in the next week and am preparing for the lead in an Independent Feature Film in New York in March with an opportunity to Co-produce. So why, you ask, am I sharing all this information? One word. PERSEVERANCE! Actually, I have many but this one stands to mind the most.

I am so tired of hearing negative comments from people about their futures yet they haven’t researched one darn thing nor have they picked up the phone to chat with anyone that can help them. In fact, I get many of them asking me questions like, “Wow, how did you get so many auditions? How are you getting parts in projects?”  There have been hundreds of books written about perseverance and drive but I think too many actors and performers wait around for magic to land in their laps without putting out the energy to get their careers off the ground. I like to visualize the planet from space when I feel like I am despondent or like I am such a tiny fish in a huge pond but one thing is for certain. I am a LIVE fish and I still swim in the pond! My friends, the only one stopping you is YOU. The successful movie people have decided they want to be movie directors, or actors, or studio executives so they go out and do it. How is it they get to control everything? I don’t recall God saying (pointing with his Almighty finger), “OK, Now let’s see. Only you , you , you and you are allowed to be successful movie creators but the rest of you, you’re ditch diggers!” It doesn’t work that way. Never has. Bottom line is if you have conviction, belief and drive, you will succeed. It’s the nature of the Universe.

Today is day 10 of 2011 and I am on a major quest. I will reach 3 goals this year.

  • I will obtain my SAG card
  • I will have speaking lines in at least one major motion picture.
  • I will have a production of my very own in the works

Do I have any takers on my quest? Who will join me in setting new goals? It is fun to think that these baby steps will yield tremendous results over the course of the next 355 days. Stay tuned with me and you may follow my progress.  I would also like you to share yours with me as well!

In the meantime, if you or anyone you know would like me to audition for any projects please contact my newly acquired yet, established talent agents, Susan Sherman or Ed Cox  with Ambassador Talent Agents in Chicago at (312) 641-3491.


See you on the Red Carpet!!!

Are you prepared?

So have you created a New Years Resolution? Mine is not to lose more weight, quit smoking (I don’t smoke anyway), or eat healthier foods. Mine is “Organize!” Countless hours have been invested in the careers of many people pursuing their dreams but how do you select which hours are best used throughout your day? I, for one, have sat down and begun to lay out a calendar that will help me with just that. Although this may seem tedious to you at first, you will discover that you actually will save hundreds if not thousands of hours working on productive things rather than feeling like you’re looking back at the end of the day saying, “Where on earth did the time go? I feel like I got nothing done today”.

Start by creating your routines that are typical to starting your day. Wash your face in the morning, take a shower, eat your breakfast, exercise, walk and feed your pets, make your bed, etc. Once these have been established you can fill in the rest of the hours little by little and remember that you do not have to figure it all out in one sitting. Things happen daily in life that can throw your routine in the garbage and that’s ok. If you cannot take that 30 minutes you planned to accomplish small tasks like write cover letters to your casting directors, or stuff envelopes, or call Indie filmmakers, or whatever it is you would like to achieve, simple reschedule it with yourself. But remember to do it. By completing these small tasks you are actually leading to getting the bigger ones done and that sense of accomplishment builds self-esteem as well as opening new doors to success.

At the end of each day go through your scheduled tasks. What did you get done? What took longer than expected? What were your interruptions? How can you adjust your schedule to streamline your activities a bit smoother? Can you find more leisure time? Are you feeling like your reaching your goals? It’s important to realize that baby steps are the keys to ultimate success and little by little the universe will respond the energy you invest in it. It’s inevitable. Like I tell my children every day…”Never give up”.

Enjoy the year. Be good to yourselves. Focus on positive thoughts and the thrill of each new day’s experiences. Work on reaching your goals because it won’t come your way without effort. The rewards will be fantastic….I promise. 🙂

Get ready for the new year!

Well, 2010 is behind us and it’s on to yet another year of sharing our stories with the planet through media. I, for one, am excited to continue on this journey with talented professionals that can pull a team team together and shoot the greatest films ever. With our imaginations we can cross over amazing space and develop many new platforms of entertainment bringing curiosity, joy, excitement, sorrow, and hope to our audiences. Thanks to films like Avatar and Inception we have already cruised into uncharted territory and that is just the beginning. Who would’ve thunk???

Congratulations to all you Indie Filmmakers out there that bring opportunity to so many talented performers. If not for your tenacity and hard work we would all be waiting for the major studios to give actors a chance to perform and show their professional skills to the world.

So again I thank you all. Keep up the good work. I will enjoy watching your films and continued success.