Monthly Archives: December 2010

Get ready for the new year!

Well, 2010 is behind us and it’s on to yet another year of sharing our stories with the planet through media. I, for one, am excited to continue on this journey with talented professionals that can pull a team team together and shoot the greatest films ever. With our imaginations we can cross over amazing space and develop many new platforms of entertainment bringing curiosity, joy, excitement, sorrow, and hope to our audiences. Thanks to films like Avatar and Inception we have already cruised into uncharted territory and that is just the beginning. Who would’ve thunk???

Congratulations to all you Indie Filmmakers out there that bring opportunity to so many talented performers. If not for your tenacity and hard work we would all be waiting for the major studios to give actors a chance to perform and show their professional skills to the world.

So again I thank you all. Keep up the good work. I will enjoy watching your films and continued success.