Monthly Archives: July 2011

Onward and Upward…

ven the finest actors have to market themselves but lucky for most of the A and B list actors they are financially able to afford Publicity Agents to help them stay present to the mass media quite frequently. If you’re like me, I am guessing you don’t have a PR person that can help maintain the ongoing profile updates you need to make every day.  You must do this yourself in order to stay on top of your game and be in the public eye. Unlike having typical professions where you go to work every day and collect a monthly paycheck we must sell ourselves to the public regularly. It is a mind boggling time commitment but rest assured if you keep at it the rewards will pay off handsomely.

One of my daily routines is to invest, that’s right, invest, one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening posting my accomplishments, whereabouts, education, success and experiences on Facebook, Twitter, my website (, and my IMDB pages. This enables me to let everyone that may remotely be interested in the product I am selling (me), know that I am a serious performer and artist. It is an arduous task but once you have routine you can filter through several posts to discover ones that are important to your career and ones you can let go. In addition, you will begin to rapidly post information about your own progress. Be succinct and accurate. Post your latest demo reels, production stills, auditions, and any other items that can show your “friends” what you are up to. Here is a good article about why Twitter may be a good avenue to social networking.

Since the inception of Social Networking millions upon millions have jumped on this networking bandwagon. There is not a lot of other opportunity to get so much information to so many in a split second. The only problem I see now is how to filter that information so you only get what you want rather than everything. Going into a candy store when you have a sweet tooth or a grocery store when your hungry opens ups hours of indecisiveness. This has perplexed me, too, as I sift through the 1000 or more people that post information on my wall very moment of the day. They key is to examine your goals carefully and concentrate on those things that pertain to you.

I have been blessed with courage and tenacity and will continue to work like crazy to grow my acting career. It is my goal as I’m sure it is yours to make a living selling my talent to the public and with a little luck I can achieve that goal. Nothing and no one lasts forever. If you stop working on yourself, you will slowly fade away.

Continued success to all of you. I hope to see you on the Red Carpet!